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 Caproni A-15 Calif
In 1969, the Caproni Vizzola began producing a series of gliders baptized Calif, the names of their designers Carlo Ferrarin and Livio Sonzio: A- 10 (one unit), A-12 (two units), A- 14 (one unit). A-15 (one unit), A- 20, A-21 and their derivatives were produced in series from 1972-73.
The A-15 high performance single-seater was metal with a 23m span. The wing had a long parallel centre-section with short tapered tips.
Span: 23.1m
Wing area: 18.48 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 28.9
Empty weight: 475 kg
AUW: 702 kg
Wing loading: 38.1 kg/sq.m
Min sink: 0.45 m/sec at 75 kph
Stall: 64 kph
Mac speed: 252 kph
Glide ratio: 50-1 at 92 kph

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