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PZL SZD-37 Jantar
Adam Kurbiel, the 36-year old designer of the Jantar, started in 1969 and it first flew on 14 February 1972. It was the first Polish glassfibre and GRP.
The Jantar headrest, backrest and pedals are all adjustable in the air and all controls are pushrod operated.
The T-tail is fixed and has a spring trim lever on the side of the control column. Flaps and ailerons work in conjunction and water ballast tanks are fitted.
At least two 19m span were built, plus two with a span of 17.5m. Production plans were in the preliminary stages.
Wingspan: 19m
Wing section: FV K67-170-150
Wing area: 13.38 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 27
Empty weight: 275 kg
AUW: 490 kg
Wing loading: 36 kg/sq.m
Min sink: 0,5 m/sec at 75 kph
Stall: 65 kph
Max speed: 250 kph
Glide ratio: 47-1 at 95 kpg

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