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Nessler N-2
Built in 1922 by Eric Nessler in France, it arrived at Camp Mouillard on August 5, 1922. By August 15, the machine is ready and performs a few small flights on the plain with a maximum duration of 8 seconds. On August 17, it fell on the front, breaking the landing gear, seat and tail. It flew again on August 24 with a flight of 17 seconds over the Toupe plateau but was slightly damaged on landing.
On August 27, departing from the summit of Combegrasse, towards Aydat, in no wind, some jumps on the slope were made before final takeoff but a flight of 1 min 3 sec was made. During this flight, the aircraft succeeded in gaining height.
Span: 6.66 m
Length: 5.6 m
Height: 2.5 m
Aspect: 5
Wing area: 18 m2
Wing profile: R.A.F. 53
Empty weight: 72 kg
Maximum weight: 128 kg
Wing loading: 7.11 kg/m2
No. of seats: 1

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