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Antonov A-7
The Antonov A-7 won a design competition held in December 1940 for a “partisan transport glider.
In September 1941 the Germans were approaching Voronezh, but even under these circumstances the aviation factory continued to deliver Il-2 assault aircraft to the front. At the beginning of September 1941, the decision was made to evacuate Factory No. 18 and OKB-31 led by Moscaliov.
The new production base was established in the Siberian village of Zavodoukovsk, located in the Tyumen Oblast, where a new factory was organized that was numbered 499. AS Moscaliov was selected as director and main constructor.
Some time later the factory began to deliver the Antonov A-7 7-seater landing glider productions and a little later the A-2 training gliders, from the same manufacturer.
Some 400 were built.
Wingspan: 62 ft 3 in
Length: 37 ft 9 in




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