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Solirène and Son Le grand
MM. Solirène, preparers at the Montpellier School of Pharmacy, undertook in 1903, the construction of the gigantic glider. Built during 1903/1904 by Solirène and son from Montpellier, the first was never flown due to financial problems.
A second, smaller glider was built.
Around Montpellier, on a 12 meters high pylon by the sea in Palavas, the glider was launched.
The airplane gets up a bit but the right side where all the wires of the right wing are attached breaks and the airman falls roughly to the side, the depth of the water (0.30m) not being sufficient to cushion the fall.
The damage was repaired, Mr. Solirène beginning on August 23, 1905.

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