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PIK PIK-12 Gabriel
PIK-12 is a two seater primary and intermediate training sailplane. It was only two seater in the PIK-range. It started with design competition in the year 1952. The competition was won by Ilkka Lounamaa. The model's fuselage was designed to resemble PIK-5 and the basic structure of the wings was copied also from PIK-5. Only major difference being forward pointing arrow shape which also caused models nickname 'Gabriel'. Model collected several nicknames of which most used was 'bus with 12 seats'. That was caused by an upright sitting position and extremely high fuselage.
Designed by Ilkka Lounamaa, the Pik-12 used the same wing shape/profile as the PIK-5c but 1.0 m more span.
The model was built and it was in flight on 27 May 1956. The machine was type-approved in 1959 and three were built between 1957 and 1965 in addition to the prototype.
OH-318 / OH-KYC
The machine had many nicknames. One of them was "Gabriel", which came in the form of a wing that brought to mind an angel (the archangel Gabriel). The nickname "twelve-seater" and its longer form "the world's only standing two-seater mail glider" were also used.

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