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PIK Pik-7 Harakka
Magpie I (H-12)
With origins coming from World War II, when Finnish forces took control of the Russian occupied city of Äänislinna. There they noticed a glider pilot school with planes called UC-3s’. They were brought back to Finland and used as a display at the Victory fair.
The gliders were then examined and found to be inferior in many ways. One of these UC-3’s was tested and found to be good flier, despite of the inferior build quality and several shortcomings.
This UC-3 inspired the building of a similar type of primary glider. The key idea was to make it extremely simple, light and easy to build in aviation clubs around Finland, the Harakka ("European magpie"). They did not bother to make plans for the prototype, but just sort of design as you build.
When the prototype was built and it was found to be good flier and better than Grunau’s & SG’s, approx 28 were built.
First flown in February 1945, the type was built from plans by Finnish gliding clubs and soon replaced earlier primary gliders such as the Grunau 9, becoming a standard piece of equipment in the clubs. Approximately 50 were built.

In 1946, booming aviation clubs needed more primary gliders, but the Harakka needed further development and some upgrades to strengthen it. The Local FAA ordered this further development from PIK whose key designers were Juhani Heinonen, J. Nurmi and Raimo Häkkinen. The new plane was called Harakka II and given the PIK-serial number of 7. Twenty-seven were built.

Harakka II
In 1948, a single example of a more radically redesigned version designated Harakka III flew. This had the framework that supported the tail replaced by a single boom.
Harakka III
All in all, 57 Harakka’s were built (or started, some were not completed). The last Harakka was a replica built from original plans with designation of H-60.
Harakka III
The Moottori-Harakka was a motor glider development of the PIK-7.
Span: 10.56 m
Length: 5.60 m
Empty weight: 92kg
Start weight: 182 kg
Normal speed: 45 km / h
PIK-7 Harakka II (H-57)
Wingspan: 10.60 m (34 ft 9 in)
Wing area: 15 sq.m (161 sq.ft)
Length: 5.72 m (18 ft 9 in)
Height: 1.30 m (4 ft 3 in)
Empty weight: 92 kg (200 lb)
Gross weight: 200 kg (440 lb)
Maximum speed: 117 km/h (73 mph)
Maximum glide ratio: 10.5:1
Rate of sink: 1.2 m/s (236 ft/min)
Crew: One pilot
Harakka III




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