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Borzęcki Altostratus
In late 1960s Józef Borzęcki undertook a rebuilding of his Stratus motor glider. The aircraft was fitted with wings from Komar (mosquito) glider, lighter and providing better glide ratio and flat two-stroke four-cylinder RB2 engine, designed by J. Borzęcki out of two connected Riedel starter engines from German Junkers Jumo 004 turbojet engine from World War II.
After this rebuilding the motor glider was named Altostratus and first flew in 1972. It remained in use until 1982.
Since 1994, "Altostratus", as the only surviving structure of Józef Borzęcki, was transferred to the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow.
Engine: RB2 Four-cylinder two-stroke, 18 kW (24 hp)
Span: 10 m (32.8 ft)
Length: 5.5 m (18 ft)
Empty weight: 90 kg (198 lb)
Take-off weight: 160 kg (353 lb)
Glide ratio: 20
Sink rate: 0.9 m / s
Maximum speed: 100 km / h (54 kt)
Minimum speed: 48 km / h (30 kt)





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