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Borzęcki Cirrus
In the autumn of 1967, Józef Borzęcki began preparations for the construction of the "Cirrus" motor glider ("Salamandra moto"). In its construction, he used the experience gained while working on the "Stratus" motor glider. In the airframe, the designer used a number of wooden construction details from the school glider IS-A "Salamandra 53" (SP-1161) Kiibelwagen. He used a Volkswagen Kübelwagen car engine that he converted. A technical curiosity was the so-called elastic chassis, made of special shock-absorbing steel. The chassis on a single spring shank in the shape resembling the letter M was made of railway spring steel. This type of chassis designed and constructed by Borzęcki was the first of its kind in Poland to be used for light aircraft. The plane had, like "Stratus", coupled control only by means of a joystick.
Looking for new solutions and constructional improvements, he used, among others double engine speed control system. It consisted in the fact that the aircraft also had a gas throttle mounted on the inside of the pilot's cabin (as in a normal plane), and a car-type foot pedal, whose pressure increased the engine speed. These two control systems operated independently. The builder of Cirrus took the propeller-engine assembly very seriously. He took an exhaust gas analyzer, connected to the engine exhaust system, to the cabin. Flying at different heights, the amateur designer and pilot simultaneously selected the optimal composition of the gas-air mixture. The end result of these efforts was a significant engine economy with good performance of ​​power.
"Cirrus" was flown on October 22, 1967. It had the characteristics of an ordinary glider after switching off the engine in flight. The powered glider carried out many flights in different weather conditions and seasons. Some of them on the ceiling 3000-4000 m and sometimes lasted 2-3 hours, with the engine turned on and off, circling in the thermals, enjoying a slow flight. For several years of using Cirrus, there were no accidents. The constructor flew about 2000 hours on it.
The constructor's activities were revealed by a press article in 1968 and in 1969, unknown perpetrators destroy the motor glider, which, however, was rebuilt and flown. From 1971, the motor glider was hangar in the hangar of the Wroclaw Aeroclub, where in 1972 unknown perpetrators destroy Cirrus again, this time completely.
Engine: Volkswagen, 21 kW (28 HP).
Span: 12.5 m
Length: 6.5 m
Height: 1.95 m
Wing area: 16.8 sq.m
Empty weight: 200 kg
Total weight: approx. 300 kg.
Permissible speed: 140 km / h
Max speed: 120 km / h
Landing speed: 45 km / h
Minimum speed: 42 km / h
Rate of climb - 1.4 m / s
Glide: 12 / 1.3-1.5 m/s
Theoretical ceiling: 5000 m
Range: 400 km
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