Korolyev RP-1
The Korolyev RP-1 was a powered version of the Cheranovsky BICh-11 experimental tailless glider, designed together with Friedrich Zander (Tsander) and other Korolev’s friends from GIRD (ГИРД - Jet Propulsion Research Group).
It was planned to be a rocketplane (therefore RP index) and the Zander OR-2 rocket engine (500 N thrust) was designed especially for it. Development of the engine was very difficult, and Zander didn’t achieve success; furthermore on March 28, 1933 he died of typhus in Kislovodsk. The two RP-1 prototypes were tested in 1932-33 only as “ordinary” powered gliders, each with a 25-hp Scorpion piston engine.
The first of them was flown on June 8, 1932 – Korolyev himself was a test pilot. Totally 34 flights were made by him, but only 5 with the engine powered up.

Engine: 25-hp Scorpion
Wing span: 12.1 m
Length: 3.81 m
Wing area: 20.5 sq.m