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Korolyov KPIR-3
Sergei Korolyov decided to enrol in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, where at that time it was supposed to begin training aviation engineers at the mechanical faculty.
There was a globular circle at the institute. His work was monitored and helped by many prominent scientists who taught at the KPI. Sergey Korolev became a member of it. He worked, as all are many and enthusiastic. Often at night. Korolev slept sometimes in the workshop on the shavings. He loved to work and was a master of all trades. After that, they never altered anything. Gliders built in the institute workshops, participated in international competitions, receiving the highest marks. At circles there was a rule: who built a glider, he flew it.
A training glider KPIR-3 was built, he contributed a share of his work and Korolev. Sergei flew on it. One of the flights almost cost him his life. On the border of the site - wasteland, where the gliders were tested, from a pile of garbage a water pipe was sticking out. Sergei did not notice and planted a glider on it. The blow was strong enough and Korolev lost consciousness for a while.

In 1926, after two years of studying at the KPI, Sergei Korolyov was transferred to Moscow for a special evening group on the aerodynamics of the Moscow Higher Technical School.

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