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Korolyev K-5
Korolev was born to a Russian literature teacher in the town of Zhitomir in the Ukraine. He was fascinated with aircraft at an early age and became a pilot. At the age of 17 he had designed his first glider, the K-5.
Sergei Korolev's designation system was very irregular and complicated (if there was a system at all). His very first glider project, designed in 1924 at aviation enthusiasts circle in Odessa inhering to ChAG (ЧАГ - Black Sea Aviation Group) when Korolev was 17 years old, was designated “K-5” for some reasons. This project was highly appreciated by aerotechnical department of Odessa OAVUK branch (ОАВУК– Aviation & Aeronautics Society of Ukraine) and recommended for realization. But it was necessary to approve it at OAVUK Central sport section in Kharkov, which allocated funds for construction of gliders to different Ukrainian aviation circles. Korolev sent his project (11 drawing sheets with explanatory comment) to Kharkov… and it was lost somewhere by the post service. So, the first Korolev design became a mystery. It’s known only that Korolev preferred to call it “motorless airplane”, not “glider”.


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