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Działowski Bydgoszczanka
In mid-1924, brothers Stanisław and Mieczysław Działowscy started the construction of the "Bydgoszczanka" glider in their own project at the Pilotów School in Bydgoszcz.
A single-seat high wing aircraft with wooden structure. The Bydgoszczanka was a trapezoidal, double-girder flap, to the first girder covered with plywood, then with canvas. The wings are fastened to a reinforced rib, hull grids placed on vertical struts and stiffened with wires running to the upper and lower hull frame strips. Ailerons with large horn aerodynamic relief could be pivoted down or up simultaneously, supporting the operation of the elevator. Horizontal ballast and rudders were covered with canvas.

The hull in the form of a flat grate, consisting of an oval frame glued together from several layers of slats and vertical struts, crossed with wires. On the horizontal bar in the front of the fuselage, pilot's seat. Chassis at first skids, later wheels.
The construction of the glider was completed in 1925. "Bydgoszczanka" took part in the Second Glider Competition in Oksywie, Gdynia, in May-June 1925, piloted by Strzelczyk. The first flight of 15 seconds was made on May 18, 1925.
During the competition, 8 flights were made on it in the total time of 1 min 12 s. The glider was broken at the end of the competition. Initially, the glider had a skid chassis, a high altitude rudder, and a high rudder rudder. After the failure after the failed start, the glider was processed, making a cut in the rudder (on the rudder) and placing the rudder downwards, and the chassis was changed to a wheel.
Span: 10.24 or 10.25 m
Length: 6.5 m
Height: 2.6 m
Wing area: 15 sq.m
Empty weight: 78 kg
Total weight: 148 kg

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