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Canard SCM
The Canard SC was the 1983 production version of the Farner Canard 2FL by Canard Aviation. designed by Ernst Ruppert with ETH Zurich.
During flight tests of the SC, from 23 July 1983, progress was accelerated by the use of an auxiliary 15 kW (20 hp) König SC 430 3-cyl. two-stroke radial engine mounted on a pylon between the v-struts and main-plane, driving a folding propeller, as the SCM.
Two were built (HB-2152 V-01 & HB-3004).

Two motorized versions (Canard SCM and Colibri) flew in 1983 and 1984. The development was suspended in 1993 following the accidental death of the designer, Hans Farner, during a test flight. The Company immediately bought the sold aircraft and ceased production.
They are stored in an attic, and two trailers are located at Ruppert Composites in Wald (Switzerland)

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