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Farner WF.5 
The "Elmer Citro" glider is a WF 5 and was built in 1932 by Willy Farner (assisted by August Hug). The glider is unique. Farner was the first pilot in the world who did aerobatics using the WF5 in 1932. It gave him a reputation even outside Switzerland.
Willy Farner made his first demonstration of gliding with the WF5 at the international aviation meeting in Zürich in 1932. He subsequently did demonstrations at the end of 1932 in Basel, and then in 1933 at an international meeting in Paris. He was towed for this occasion from Zürich to Paris, then for the return, by a Max Gugolz.
Max Gugolz and Willy Farner

On February 13, Willy Farner, aboard his "Elmer Citro" was towed through the Alps by Robert Fretz flying a Puss-Moth. The tow train carries 7 bags of philatelic mail for a total of 51.5kg. Takeoff place in Dübendorf 2:45 p.m. ET was the landing of the aircraft tug airport has Tagliedo 16.48. Farner follows 14 minutes later, after a total flight time of 2:17. The two pilots were connected by a phone that takes the sound in the larynx rather than in the mouth, whose cable was wound around the tow rope. On the flight back the next day, Farner had to land at Bellinzona because of a storm over the Alps and Fretz carried the letters in his plane until Arosa, where it was distributed to its recipients.

WF 5 "Elmer Citro"
Wingspan: 11.00 m
Length: 5.30 m
Wing area: 11 sq.m
Wing loading: 21 kg/ sq.m
Empty weight: 150 kg
Takeoff weight: 230 kg
Glide ratio: 15
Sink rate: 1.4 m/sec

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