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WACO Primary Glider
An early product of the Waco Aircraft Company, the WACO glider was marketed as a low-cost training aircraft for individuals or glider clubs, intended to be flown from low hills or towed by a vehicle. About 300 were produced between 1930 and 1931.
The glider was designed to fly at low airspeeds. It could maintain flight at 20 mph (32 km/h) with a 15 to 1 glide ratio. The fuselage is made of welded steel tubing. The wings use spruce spars, are wire supported and fabric covered. A releasable tow hook was mounted on the front.
The glider sold for $385 assembled, or $295 un-covered in 1930.
Replicas have been made using both steel tube, and wood frames.
Sands 1929 Primary Glider
Wingspan: 36 ft (11 m)
Wing area: 157 sq ft (14.6 m2)
Length: 21 ft (6.4 m)
Height: 10 ft (3.0 m)
Empty weight: 175 lb (79 kg)
Maximum speed: 56 kn; 105 km/h (65 mph)
Stall speed: 17 kn; 32 km/h (20 mph)
Capacity: 1

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