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Fournier RF-7
Sportavia RF-7
Avion-Planeur RF7
A later development of the RF4D was the Avion-Planeur RF7 which was very similar to it except for a wing span reduced to 30ft 10in, an increased tailplane span and a more powerful engine very similar to the RF5's.
Construction of the prototype RF7 began in July 1969 and it first flew on 5 March 1970.
Powerplant is a 68hp Sportavia-Limbach SL 1700D dual ignition 'flat four' engine driving a Hoffman two-blade fixed pitch metal propeller of 4ft 9.75in diameter, and the RF7 has 8.4 Imp gallons of fuel, with a 5.5 Imp gallons auxiliary tank optional. Wing area is now 108sq ft and aspect ratio is 8.8; the maximum cruising speed at sea level is now 137mph.

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