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Projekt 8 Dolphin
The Danish Dolphin tandem two-seater motor glider was designed and built by the Projekt 8 I/S company of Roskilde, and 10 construction of the prototype was taking place at three separate sites near Copenhagen, and it was expected that the first flight was to be made late in 1978.
The Dolphin is a cantilever mid-wing monoplane of mixed constrution with a T-tail, powered by a 54hp Volkswagen VW1600 engine driving a two-blade pusher propeller, mounted on a pylon and retracting rearwards behind closed doors into the top of the fuselage aft of the wings. The wings, which have 4° dihedral, have an aluminium centre section and wood and glassfibre outer panels, flaps and ailerons; there are aluminium air brakes in the upper surfaces just ahead of the flaps. The forward fuselage is a welded steel tube framework covered with a light glassfibre shell, and the rear fuselage is a wooden structure reinforced by glassfibre. The tail unit is likewise of wood, with a fixed incidence tailplane, a central trim tab in the elevator and an inset tab at the base of the rudder. There is a semiretractable rubber-sprung mainwheel plus a nosewheel and a steerable tailwheel, as well as retractable wing tip balancer wheels. The one-piece cockpit canopy opens sideways.
Span: 61 ft 5 in
Length: 27 ft 10.75 in
Height: 4 ft 3.25 in
Wing area: 223.9 sq ft
Aspect ratio: 16.8
Empty weight: 1,058 lb
Max weight: 1,653 lb
Max speed: 163 mph
Max aero-tow speed: 77.5 mph
Min sinking speed: 2.30 ft/sec at 50 mph
Best glide ratio: 32:1 at 62 mph

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