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Fournier RF-10
The RF-10 two-seat motor glider is a development of the RF-9 but primarily of glassfibre instead of wooden construction, as the latter is now considered too expensive in labour costs.
It has a wing built in four sections and incorporating some carbon-fibre componets, as well as folding capability for easier hangar storage. Engine is an 80hp Limbach L2000 or - for customers in the United States - an 80hpmRevmaster with turbocharger and dual ignition. Fuel capacity is increased over the RF-9's to 8.8 Imp gallons, and the mainwheels are larger.
The prototype RF-10 first flew in the spring of 1981 and production was due to start by September.
One RF-10 had been ordered for a projected London-Australia record flight in 1982.
Span: 57ft 0 in
Length: 26 ft 0 in
Empty weight: 1,168 lb
Min sinking speed: 2.6 ft/sec at 50 mph

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