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PZL SZD-40X Halny



The SZD-40X Halny high performance two-seater research sailplane was designed by Dipl-lng Wladyslaw Okarmus to test a new NN-11M wing section based on that of the SZD-31 Zefir 4, which gave excellent performance at high speeds but was not so good for soaring in weak thermals. The Halny made its first flight on 23 December 1972 piloted by Dipl-lng Z.Bylock.
The new cantilever 20m span shoulder mounted wing has 4° forward sweep at the quarter chord line and is a sparless glassfibre/wooden box structure with stainless steel fittings; the hingeless flaps and plain ailerons are operated by pushrods, and there are SZD-type double plate metal air brakes above and below the wing surface at 60% chord. The forward part of the fuselage is an all-plastic monocoque, the centre portion has a steel tube frame on which the wings and monowheel are mounted, and the rear fuselage is a monocoque metal tube. The cantileverT-tail is made of glassfibre and has spring trimming , while the landing gear consists of a backwards-retracting monowheel with a shoe brake and a fixed tailwheel. The forward seat is occupied by a flight observer, the controls and instrument panel being fitted in the rear cockpit only; the crew of two sit under a long flush-fitting one-piece canopy in tandem.
SZD-40X Halny


Span: 20.0 m / 65 ft 7.5 in
Length: 8.75 m / 28 ft 8.5 in
Height: 1.8 m / 5 ft 11 in
Wing area: 16.11 sq,m / 173.4 sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 24.66
Wing section: NN-11M
Empty weight: 410 kg / 904 lb
Max weight: 596 kg / 1,314 lb
Water ballast: None
Max wing loading: 36.9 kg/sq.m / 7.55 lb/sq.ft
Max speed: 150 mph / 130 kt / 240 km/h
Stalling speed: 35 kt / 65 km/h
Min sinking speed: 0.55 m/sec / 1.8 ft/sec at 46.5 mph / 40.5 kt / 75 km/h
Best glide ratio: 43:1 at 62 mph / 54 kt / 100 km/h






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