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Slingsby T37 Skylark 1
The T37 Skylark 1, first of the series, was built for a lark, according to Mr F. N. Slingsby-hence its name - and was an experimental single-seater with a three-piece laminar flow wing of 45ft span, intended to test various lateral stability devices to determine the best type of lateral control surface for use with a laminar flow aerofoil; the wing was of NACA 63-/64-series section and had very effective air brakes but no flaps. The fuselage was based on that of the T30 Prefect, with a one-piece canopy, the length being 20ft 11.5 in, and there was a main skid only plus a tailskid, no monowheel being fitted.
The first of two prototypes made its maiden flight in March 1953, and only the two Mk 1s were built partly as this version had, for that time, a very high stalling speed. But it had proved sufficiently promising to be developed into the T37B (later T41) Skylark 2.

Both of the single-seat Skylark 1 built were still flying in 1977.




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