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PIK PIK-16 Vasama 
Lehtovaara Pik-16 Vasama
Eiri Pik-16
PIK-16C Vasama
The PIK-16C Vasama (or Arrow) single-seat Standard Class sailplane was designed by Tuomo Tervo, Jorma Jalkanen and Kurt Hedstrom. The prototype first flew on 1 June 1961 and had a 'butterfly' V-tail; the PIK-16A and PIK-16B were followed by the major production version the PIK-16C, which has a conventional tail unit instead of the earlier V-tail, and several other improvements, such as a sandwich-type construction for the wing leading edge. In 1963 the PIK-16C was awarded the OSTIV prize for the best Standard Class sailplane, and at that year's World Gliding Championships held at Junin, Argentina, a PIK-16C was flown into third place in the Standard Class by Juhani Horma of Finland; the type also set up several Finnish records.
PIK-16C Vasama


The PIK-16C was put into production by K. K.Lehtovaara O/Y of Hameenlinna and a total of 56 of all variants were built. The Vasama is of all-wood construction, the cantilever shoulder wings being built of pine and birch wood and having an exceptionally low (for a sailplane) thickness/chord ratio of 14% at the root to give a good optimum glide angle. The shaped box spar of birch plywood forms 40% of the chord and takes the bending and torsion loads. Aft of the spar the top surfaces are plywood-covered and the under surfaces fabric-covered, and there are spoilers in the top and bottom wing surfaces. The plain ailerons are of ply-covered wooden construction, and all the Vasama's surface areas are highly polished to help give it a higher performance. The monocoque fuselage is of plywood construction with a glassfibre nose-cap, and the pilot sits in a semi-reclining seat under a removable blown Perspex canopy that extends some way back past the wing leading edge. Landing gear consists of a non-retractable monowheel with a brake, and a skid under the nose section. The tail unit is also of wood, with a trim tab in the port elevator.
Span: 15.0 m / 49 ft 2.5 in
Length: 5.97 m / 19 ft 7 in
Height: 1.45m / 4ft 9 in
Wing area: 11.7 sq.m / 125.9 sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 19.2
Wing section: Wortmann FX-05-188/NACA 682615
Empty weight: 190 kg / 419 lb
Max weight: 300 kg / 661 lb
Water ballast: None
Max speed: 155 mph / 135 kt / 250 km/h (in smooth air)
Max rough air speed: 92 kt / 170 km/h
Stalling speed: 33.5 kt / 62 km/h
Min sinking speed: 0.59 m/sec / 1.94 ft/sec at 45.5 mph / 39.5 kt / 73 km/h

Best glide ratio: 34:1 at 53 mph / 46 kt / 85 km/h




PIK-16C Vasama



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