Mahrer HB-1340 Delphin
This single-seater sailplane is an experimental variable-geometry version of the Swiss Neukom S-4A Elfe 15, and was first flown by Herr Fritz Mahrer on 6 May 1977.
It is basically a modified Neukom S-4A with new 15m span wings; these have Eppler wing sections similar to those on the Neukom AN-66C Super-EIfe, and are fitted with area-increasing Fowler-type flaps actuated electrically. When extended these flaps increase the wing area from 107.6sq ft to 121.6sq ft, and the aspect ratio of 22.5 with flaps in becomes 19.9 when they are extended.
The Delphin also has a T-tail unit similar to that of the Schempp-Hirth Cirrus replacing the Neukom S-4A's low-set tailplane, thus avoiding tailplane buffeting when the flaps are extended. Construction of the Delphin is mainly of plastics materials.
Span: 49 ft 2.5 in
Wing area: 107.6 sq.ft (flaps in) / 121.6sq ft (flaps out)
Aspect ratio: 22.5 (flaps in) / 19.9 (flaps out)
Empty weight: 617 lb