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Horikawa H-22B-3
Hagiwara Glider Co H-22B-3
One of the earliest postwar Japanese gliders, the H-22B-3 two-seater primary trainer was designed by Mr Ikuo Horikawa and first flew in August 1953; it was put into small scale production by the Hagiwara Glider Co Ltd (Hagiwara Kakkuki Seisakusho) and at least 30 were built.
It is basically a larger version of the Dagling/Eon Primary formula, seating two in tandem in a fabric-covered steel tube nacelle with an open girder-type boom carrying the fabric-covered wooden tail unit; there is no fixed fin. The landing gear consists of a rubber-mounted skid and a nonretractable monowheel under the nacelle. The high wing is braced with V-struts on each side and has a constant chord of 4 ft 7 in; it is an all-wood two spar structure with fabric covering and has spoilers in the upper surface and fabric-covered wooden ailerons.
Span: 40 ft 1 in
Length: 23 ft 0 in
Wing area: 180.8 sqft
Aspect ratio: 8.87
Empty weight: 375 lb
Max weight: 661 lb
Max speed: 75 mph (in smooth air)
Min sinking speed: 3.80 ft/sec at 34 mph
Best glide ratio: 14.2:1 at 41.5 mph

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