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Breguet 906 Choucas
CAARP Choucas
The Breguet 906 Choucas (Jackdaw) is a slightly larger two-seater trainer development of the Fauvette with a wing span of 18m (59 ft 0 in) instead of the latter's 15m, and the prototype flew for the first time on 26 October 1959.
It was not until April 1964 that the French government announced that they had decided to put it into production with an initial order for three, and as Breguet had ceased making sailplanes in 1963 Choucas production was entrusted to CAARP - Cooperative des Ateliers Aeronautiques de la Region Parisienne - at Beynes aerodrome in the Seine-et-Oise department.
CAARP replaced all the plastic parts with wooden components on the production aircraft, but the prototype was very similar in construction to the Fauvette, with the same three-section fuselage structure, the moulded plastic foam nose section housing the pilot's seat, the steel tube centre portion covered with polystyrene skin containing the rear seat with its transparent canopy, and the rear fuselage being of plywood/Klegecel sandwich construction. The tail surfaces were the same construction as the Fauvette's, and the cantilever shoulder wing had a single wooden spar with a plywood/Klegecel leading edge torsion box and a fabric-covered trailing edge. Slotted ailerons covered 45% of the span and the air brakes were metal and Klegecel sandwich like the Fauvette's. The non-retractable monowheel has a brake and there is a shock-absorbing tailskid. There is provision for a baggage compartment for the pilots, and other optional 'extras' include a turn-and-bank indicator, artificial horizon, VHF radio and oxygen systems.
Span: 59 ft 0 in
Length: 25 ft 11 in
Wing area: 183.5 sqft
Aspect ratio: 19.1
Empty weight: 640 lb
Max take-off weight: 1,146 lb
Max speed: 124 mph (in smooth air)
Min sinking speed: 2.13 ft/sec at 43.5mph
Best glide ratio: 30:1 at 43.5 mph

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