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Bede BD-5S
The BD-5S is the sailplane version of the Bede BD-5 Micro single-seat light aircraft, and this engineless version made its first flight in 1975. It differs principally in having a wing span increased by 10ft 5in / 3.17 m, a revised cockpit layout and a redesigned undercarriage in which the backwards-retracting nosewheel of the BD-5 and BD-5J is replaced by a similarly retracting nose skid and the outwards retracting mainwheels are replaced by a pair of side by side twin mainwheels retracting into the fuselage. The main gear door opens forward and can also be used as an air brake. The rear-engined BD-5's low-set tailplane and rear fuselage shape, with its fairing housing the propeller shaft (in the BD-5) or jet exhaust (in the jet-powered BD-5J), is retained.
The BD-5S, like the powered BD-5 variants, is designed to be suitable for amateur construction from plans and kits. Construction is all-metal and the low wings are attached to the fuselage simply by sliding the tubular spar on to the wing root section and securing it on each side by two bolts. The ailerons are conventional and the flaps extend almost the full trailing edge span and can be lowered through four positions to a maximum of 60°. The pilot is seated under a large detachable framed canopy. A feature is the side-mounted control stick.
Span: 27 ft l0 in / 8.48 m
Length: 13 ft 6.75 in / 4.13 m
Wing area: 60 sq.ft / 5.57 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 12.88
Wing section NACA 641212
Empty weight: 225 lb / 102 kg
Max weight: 425 lb / 193 kg
Max wing loading: 7.09 lb/sq ft / 34.65 kg/sq.m
Min sinking speed: 0.95 m/sec / 3.12 ft/sec at 30 mph
Max diving speed: 174 kt / 322 km/h)
Stalling speed: 34 kt / 63 km/h
Best glide ratio: 23:1
Water ballast: None

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