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Akaflieg Braunschweig SB 6 Nixope
The SB-7 Nimbus is a development of the Akaflieg Braunschweig SB-6 Nixope, an ultra high aspect ratio high-performance single-seater with an 18m (59ft 0in) span wing, an aspect ratio of 25 and a best glide ratio of 42:1. The SB-6, which made extensive use of glassfibre in its structure, first flew on 2 February 1961 but was destroyed in August 1964.
The SB-6's shoulder wing has a box spar with glassfibre flanges and is covered with diagonally-laid glassfibre skin stabilised with balsa; the ailerons are of wooden construction and there are two Schempp-Hirth air brakes on each side at the 75% chord line. The fuselage was a glassfibre monocoque stabilised with balsa. The tail unit is of similar construction to the wing, with the one-piece, low, all-moving tailplane.
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