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Arsenal Air 100 / Air 102
This French high performance single-seater was designed and produced just after the war by Arsenal de I'Aeronautique.
The Air 100 was designed for the French National Gliding Centres and clubs, and was a cantilever high wing monoplane of mainly spruce and plywood construction. The 18m span wing featured slotted ailerons and spoiler-type flaps, and the landing gear consisted of a central monowheel with a landing skid fore and aft of it, plus a tail skid.
An Air 100 flown by Eric Nessler set up a new French record for distance in a straight line of 311 miles (501 km) at Wichita Falls, USA, on 14 July 1947.
The final production version was the Air 102.
Air 100
Span: 59ft 0 in
Length: 26ft 4 in
Wing area: 194 sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 18.0
Empty weight: 535 lb
Max weight: 745 lb
Normal gliding speed: 39.7 mph
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