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Korolyev KL-5 Koktebel / SKL-5 / SK-5
The Korolev SK-5 Koktebel single-seat, high-perform sport glider. Designed together with Sergei Lyushin; sometimes mentioned as KL-5. Built in 1929 in Moscow, took part in 6th (October 6-23, 1929) and 7th (1930) All-Union gliding contests. The glider was named after a town in Crimea where all gliding contests until 1935 were held (in 1944 this gliding center was even renamed into Planerskoye – “Glider Town”; it regained name “Koktebel” in 1991).
Among contemporary gliders, SK-5 was unusual with its long fuselage and robust design; but it had excellent aerodynamics (for that time of course) and flew as well as the better of its much lighter counterparts.

Wing span: 17.0 m
Length: 7.75 m
Wing area: 16.4 sq.m
Wing aspect ratio: 17.6
Empty weight: 230 kg
Flight weight: 300 kg
Glide ratio (L/D): 25:1

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