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Korolyev S.K.3 SK-3 Red Star / Krasnaya Zvezda
The S.K.3 Red Star (Krasnaya Zvezda, SK-3) glider was designed by Soviet engineer Sergei Korolev (1907-1966). Korolev began his first full-time paid position at Factory 22 Design Bureau in 1929, and was assigned a glider project.
It had a wingspan of 12.2 metres and was designed for aerobatic manoeuvres (safety factor of 10). It was built in 1930 in Moscow during only 47 days.
Its pilots included Vasily Stepanchonok. Photographed in October 1930, in Koktebel, the Crimea region, Ukraine, taking part in the 7th All-Union (USSR) glider competition.
The SK-3 participated in 7th (October 1930) and 8th (October 10 – November 10, 1932) All-Union gliding contests in Koktebel. On October 28, 1930 Vasily Stepanchonok (later renowned test pilot) during one flight made three loops with it. This was world’s first successful attempt to perform such manoeuvres on a glider which climbed on thermals (shortly before an American pilot made four loops on a glider, but he used assistance of towing airplane for climbing).
Not only a successful glider design, it was accepted for production and demonstration, flown by S.V.Ilyushin.
Wing span: 12.2 m
Length: 6.79 m
Wing area: 12 sq.m
Wing aspect ratio: 12.4
Empty weight: 189 kg
Flight weight: 270 kg
Glide ratio: 20:1
Rate of sink: 0.9 m/s





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