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Caudron C.800 Epervier
A side-by-side two seat basic training glider tested 1941-41 first flew just after the war and has always been known as the Caudron C-800 although its production was undertaken by SNCA du Nord at Meaulte (Somme) after SNCAN had absorbed the Societe Anonyme des Avions Caudron-Renault at the end of 1945 and taken over its designs.
The C-800 is of conventional all-wood construction with mixed plywood and fabric covering; the high wing is braced and there is dihedral on the tailplane. The landing gear consists of a fixed monowheel with brake with a sprung wooden skid under the forward fuselage and a tailskid. The two pilots have dual controls and there is an extra transparent panel below the cockpit canopy on each side that hinges downwards. Equipment includes spoilers, elevator rimmer, and complete panel of instruents.
In 1946 the French Government ordered no less than 300 C-800s for use at clubs and elementary flying training schools. Repeat orders were also placed, and the type was at first known as the Epervier (or Sparrowhawk), although this name did not catch on and was later applied to the Morane-Saulnier MS 1500 light COIN aircraft of 1957.
By November 1947, 250 had been built. About two dozen C-800s were still on the French civil register in 1979.


Performance flights have included:
Climb to 17,000 ft at St.Auban, 11 November 1945 – unofficial French record
French duration record, 17 hr 10 min, at Avignon
French goal record, Beynes-Chateaudun, 63 miles
Span: 52 ft 5in
Length: 27 ft 4 in
Wing area: 237.3 sq ft
Aspect ratio: 11.6
Empty weight: 530 lb
MAUW: 930 lb
Normal gliding speed: 45mph
Max glide ratio: 19 @ 4 mph
Min sink: 3.1 # 40 mph
Vne: 100 mph
Caudron C.800 Epervier





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