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Hütter H30
Hütter 30 TS [Turbinensegler]
In 1954 Eugen Hänle was then Assistant Professor Ulrich Hütter in a company engaged in the manufacture of large wind turbines for electricity production. The design of the 17 meter blades used fiber reinforced plastic glass.
With this experience, Eugen Hänle, established Glasflügel in 1957, to produce helicopter rotor blades for Bölkow.
Meanwhile, he began with his wife Ursula, the construction of a 1946 Wolfgang Hütter H30 glider. The plans were followed, but replacing the plywood - balsa sandwich for all the shell (fuselage , wing, fin) by a balsa sandwich - laminate, and the first unidirectional fiberglass wing and epoxy resin spar .
The H-30, with a 13.60 m wingspan, was started in late 1957 and finished in 1960.
Meanwhile, Eugen Hütter had developed the H-30TS glider, derived from the H-30, with a modified fuselage to accommodate a small BMW turbojet and a new wing of 15 m with plastic flaps, but with glued aluminum sheet metal spar.
Hütter 30 TS [Turbinensegler]
The H30 TS was first fitted with a BMW 6011 (8025) turbojet of 36 kg thrust to 45,000 rev/min in September 1959. Then, in May 1961, following major modification, it was to be equipped with a BMW 6012 (8026) 40 Kp thrust to 46,000 rev / min.
Hütter 30 TS [Turbinensegler]
Due to problems with the turbine and especially the noise it produced, the project was stopped and the unit was re- turned as a pure glider. He was lost in August 1968 following an accident during a winch launch.
Hänle then used the molds to produce wings in the Schempp-Hirth workshop. Two sets of wings with glass fiber spar were made. One of the wings was the first H-301 libel, other than the first Swiss Diamond, with its original 15 m wingspan.
Hütter 30 TS [Turbinensegler]
Engine: BMW 6011 (8025), 36 kg thrust to 45,000 rpm
Wingspan: 15.00 m / 49 ft 2.5 in
Length: 5.70 m / 18 ft 8.5 in
Height: 1.02 m / 3 ft 4.5 in
Max rate of climb: 150 m/min / 490 ft/min
Min sink: 0.60 m/sec / 1.97 ft/sec
Practical ceiling: 2500 m / 8200 ft
Hütter 30 TS [Turbinensegler]

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