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Demenjoz Sailpane



The world’s first “sailplane” was constructed by John Demenjoz of Bridgeport, Connecticut, over nearly a year of work. It had a 40-foot wingspan, 30 feet in length, and altogether weighed less than 600 lbs.

With no motor, it was to be propelled by wind only. Mr. Demenjoz was to take his machine to Old Orchard, Me., for tests of his new invention.

Original in his idea of making a plane go both ahead and into the air by the use of sails similar to those of a boat, the French inventor has calculated all the requirements of stability and was confident that with a wind of 20 miles an hour he should be able to fly. He further predicted that he will be able to fly as high as there is any wind. He estimated his craft will attain a speed of 40 miles an hour.





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