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Lange E1 Antares
The E1 Antares is a composite single-seat self-launching powered glider with an electric motor. The E1 Antares (also known as the “Antares 20E”) is an all new design with a shoulder-mounted 20 metre span wing with flaperons and winglets. The aircraft is constructed from CRP/GRP-composites, with a T-shaped horizontal tailplane with fin and elevator, Schempp-Hirth airbrakes on the upper wing, and wing water ballast tanks. The retractable landing gear is equipped with brake and spring suspension.
The EA 42 electric drive system consists of the electric motor EM42, power-electronics LE42, engine control system EDCS2 and the sensor, data and power cables. The 42kW brushless DC electric motor is powered by a SAFT lithium-ion battery system, spilt into two packs positioned in the leading edge of both wingsand composite two-blade fixed-pitch two metre diameter propeller.
E1 Antares EASA Type Certificate A.092, and includes the EA 42 engine based on EASA Type Certificate E.015 and the LF-P42 propeller based on EASA Type Certificate P.015.
The Lange EA 42 is an electrical aero engine designed for self launching gliders. It is produced in Germany by Lange Aviation for their Antares 20E glider.
E1 Antares
Engine: Lange EA 42
Propeller: Lange LF-P42
MCTOW: 660 kg (with water ballast)
MCTOW: 602 kg (without)
No. of Seats: 1

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