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HP-Aircraft HP-22

Bryan HP-22

The HP-22 is a high-performance, 15-meter class, side-by-side, two-place, self-launching, amphibious sailplane. It is designed for simple, rapid assembly by the homebuilder, licensed in the Amateur-built Experimental Category.

The basic layout so closely resembled an amphibian that making it watercapable added little extra weight or performance penalty. Every effort was made to produce a ship that could be built by the average amateur without any prefabricated parts, jigs or molds, the company says. Emergency wheels-up landings may be made on the keel skid.

The following design features and kit simplify construction of the HP-22 and reduce building time to approximately 400 man-hours: main wing spar caps cut from 1-inch thick aluminium plates; rectangular wing with all ribs the same size, fuselage panels and bulkheads that are glued together, which simplifies riveting and reduces caulking and leak and corrosion problems; epoxy bonding for rapid assembly of fuselage, wings and tall., automatic extension and retraction of engine, eliminating any need for manual or electric motor actuation; retractable wing floats and wheels to reduce drag and permit operations on water and snow: a complete kilit of materials with all complicated welding, machining, forming, panels and bulkheads, cable swaging, heat treating, etc. accomplished.

1984 Estimated prices: Tail Kit $350, Wing Kit $3,300, Engine Kit $3,000, Trailer Kit $2,500, Fuselage Kit $3,600, Complete Kit without Engine $7,000, Complete Kit with Engine $10,000, ' Drawings and Instructions Only $150:


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