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Wright Bros 1900 Glider 1


The first model was flown as a kite and led to the development from it of their first full-scale glider of October 1900, with a span of 17ft 5in. It, too, was first flown as a kite at Kitty Hawk in October 1900, and, then, for twelve manned glides for a total duration of two minutes.
The glider embodyed wing-warping and a movable front elevator but with no vertical stabilizer. They chose the Carolina coastal sandhills, far indeed from Dayton, as a testing ground, thinking that the strong prevailing winds, even slopes and soft sand in which to fall might make an ideal place to learn about flying. Kill Devil Hills was the spot selected, near the Kitty Hawk tele-graph station.
Like all their early machines, their first glider was unstable - a fundamentally differ-ent approach from that of earlier experimen-ters. They flew it mostly as a kite but also made a handful of free glides, some with one of them aboard, lying on the lower wing.

Wing span: 15 ft 5 in
Wing area: 165 sq.ft
Flying wt approx: 197 lb
Total flying time approx: 2 min



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