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Volmer VJ 11 So-Lo

Construction of the VJ-11 was commenced in 1940 and completed in 6 weeks spare time and test flown the following week end. During the war they were not permitted to fly any aircraft within 150 miles from the coast and the hang glider was only going to slide down the hill.
A Chanute type glider, the VJ-11 had three-dimensional controls on it. Jensen installed elevators and ailerons, controlled by the right hand with a device shaped like a + sign and a rudder by the left hand, using a short rudder bar.
Many glider pilots tried it including John Robinson, National Soaring Champion for 3 years, and Irv Culver, Lockheed aerodynamicist who helped on the stress analysis, and even fellows with no previous flying experience.
It could take off in 3 steps down the hill and sometimes land by just bending knees. On some flights it even gained altitude.



Complete set of blueprints — 8 photographs and full scale rib layout wre made available with the cost of materials approximately $400.00. Kits or materials were never supplied.

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