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Start & Flug H-111 Hippie



Designed by Ursula Hanle, this simple ultra-light single-seat glider weighs only 106lb without the pilot and is designed to achieve take-off by a variety of methods: by foot-launch, auto-tow, winch launching or any other suitable form of assisted launch.
It has strut-braced dihedral wings of constant chord with small endplate-type fairings and Wortmann aerofoil sections. The basic structure is of glassfibre with carbon-fibre reinforcement; the wings are plastic-covered and the tail surfaces fabric-covered, the tail being carried on an open girder-type framework, and the braced tailplane being mounted on the large fin. The landing gear is formed by the glassfibre seat fairing which has a small keel surface underneath it, and there is a metal hoop at the base of the rudder to form a tailskid. The pilot sits behind a windscreen extending from the leading edge to the front of the seat fairing.
For a foot-launch the product of the hill's angle in degrees and the wind speed in metres per second should be a figure of 80 or above. After foot-launching, the pilot draws up his legs into the hoop-like glassfibre seat fairing at the front of the aircraft, which also serves as the landing skid.
The Hippie flew for the first time on 15 August 1974 and examples were flying in five countries outside Germany.
The airframe can be dismantled and packed into a carrying case measuring 5m (16ft 4.75in) by 1.10m (3ft 7.25in) by 0.60m (1ft 11.75in).
A new version of the Hippie was available, with wings of honeycomb construction, a longer tail structure of aluminium tubing, an enlarged rudder, quick-connect fittings and an enlarged seating area for the pilot.
35 were built.
Wing span: 10 m / 32 ft 9.75 in
Wing area: 9 sq.m / 96. 9sq ft
Length: 18 ft 8.5 in
Height: 4 ft 7 in
Empty Weight: 48 kg / 110 lb
Gross Weight: 133 kg / 298 lb
Wing Load: 14.8 kg/sq.m
Max speed: 37 mph
Aspect ratio: 11.11
Airfoil: FX S 02
L/DMax: 12 at 45 kph
Min Sink: 1.3 m/s 40 kph










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