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Sportline Aviacija LAK-12


The LAK-12 is a Lithuanian built single-seat FAI Open-class mid-wing sailplane with a one-piece forward-hinged canopy. The retractable main wheel rides on an oil/nitrogen shock absorber and uses a mechanical brake. A skid is used at the tail. The wings are glass-foam-glass construction and taper from a Wortmann FX67-K-170 airfoil inboard to an FX67- K-150 at the tips. Glidepath control is provided by double-panel upper surface airbrakes and by the flaps (-7, -4, 0, +5, +11, +15 deg). The wings are capable of holding a total of 190 liters of water in their leading edges and are filled and emptied through a hole in bottom of the fuselage.

Wing span: 20.42m / 67ft
Wing area: 14.63sq.m / 157.5sq.ft
Empty Weight: 360kg / 793.7lb
Payload: 290kg / 639.3lb
Gross Weight: 650kg / 1433lb
Wing Load: 29.5kg/sq.m / 6.05lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 190kg / 418.9lb
L/DMax: 47 at 51.3 kts / 95 km/h
MinSink: 0.48 m/s / 1.7 fps at 40.5 kts / 75 km/h
Aspect ratio: 28.5
Airfoil: Wortmann FX67-K-170 w/ FX67-K-150 tips
Seats: 1
Structure: Fiberglass / carbon fiber



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