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Slingsby T-41 Skylark 2

Skylark II


The T37 Skylark 1 had proved sufficiently promising to be developed into the T37B (later T41) Skylark 2, the prototype of which first flew in November 1953. This had the wing span increased to 48ft and a new semi-monocoque elliptical cross section fuselage with spruce frames and plywood skin which increased the length to 24ft 6in. The wing had top and bottom surface Schempp-Hirth type airbrakes. A fixed monowheel was introduced to supplement the nose skid, although this could be replaced by'jettisonable dolly wheels. The Mk 2 was of all-wood construction with plywood covering, like the Mk 1, and it also had a three-piece laminar flow wing. Its good performance made it popular both with clubs and private owners, and a total of 61 Mk 2s were built, plus two more from Slingby-supplied kits; about half this total were exported, production of the Mk 2 ending in 1962.


T-41B Skylark 2
Wing span: 14.63m / 48ft
Wing area: 13.37sq.m / 144sq.ft
Empty Weight: 209kg / 461lb
Payload: 99kg / 218lb
Gross Weight: 679lb / 308kg
Wing Load: 4.72lb/sq.ft / 23.02kg/sq.m
Aspect ratio: 16
L/DMax: 30
Airfoil: NACA 63(3)620
No. of Seats: 1
No. Built: 63
Structure: wood/ fabric/ CFRP moldings

T-41B Skylark 2B







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