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Slingsby T-38 Grasshopper

Slingsby Type 38 Grasshopper


The Grasshopper is a primary single-seater glider intended to give basic training through short 'hops' on airfields or school playing fields. The open framework fuselage with a seat for the pilot was a simplified version of that of the Schulgleiter SG 38. It used the wings of the Slingsby Cadet Mk I and was designed to be easily dismantled for storage. The wing being wire-braced and without flaps or air brakes. A post war surplus of the T. 7 Kirby Cadet T.X. Mk. 1’s resulted in Slingsby building the primary T. 38 Grasshopper T.X. Mk. 1 with surplus T. 7 wings and tailplanes married to a new primary open fuselage. Most Cadet TX Mk Is were converted to Tutor standard as the T8 Cadet TX Mk 2 by fitting them with the Tutor's longer span wings, and the spare wings of the TX Mk 1s were used to produce the Grasshopper TX Mk1.
It was launched by a V shaped elastic rope pulled by teams of cadets and could also be mounted on a pivoting tripod stand to enable the effects of the controls to be demonstrated.
The Grasshopper and the virtually identical EoN Eton were used by ATC Squadrons and RAF Sections of the Combined Cadet Force from 1952 to the late 1980s and many cadets made their first, somewhat brief, solo flights in these gliders.
Production began in 1952 and altogether 115 Grasshoppers were built.
Span: 39 ft 0 in
Length: 21 ft 1.5 in
Wing area: 174 sq ft
Aspect ratio: 8.73
Empty weight: 293 lb
Max weight: 550 lb
Max speed: 80 mph






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