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Slingsby T-8 Kirby Tutor

Slingsby T8 Kirby Tutor
The T8 Tutor single-seater introduced in 1937 was an improved version of the Kirby Kadet with a new two-spar wing of increased span (43ft 3.75in) and tapered outer wing panels married to the same wooden fuselage and wooden tail unit with braced tailplane as the Kadet's. At the same time a differential mechanism was introduced into the aileron control circuit. This wing was capable of being fitted to the Cadet TX Mk 1, most of which, by the early 1950s, had been converted to Tutor standard as the T8 Cadet TX Mk 2 by the fitting of this wing.
The Tutor prototype first flew in July 1937 and seven examples had been built by the outbreak of war; it re-entered production after the Cadet to meet the demands for an ATC trainer, and 62 more were built in the war as the Cadet TX Mk 2.
Total Tutor production was 106, and the price had risen from £99 10s (£99.50) in 1939 to £360 ex-works in 1948. A two-seater version for teaching the initial stages of flying, and suitable for the circuits and bumps of training, was the T31 Tandem Tutor.
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