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Slingsby T-6 Kirby Kite

Kirby Kite 1

The Kirby Kite was a development of the Schneider Grunau Baby 2 with a gull wing and a streamlined fuselage first flown in 1935. Slingsby had already built a number of Grunau Babies under license and in the contruction of the Kite used some of the same components and metal fittings. During World War II most were impressed into military service in 1940, and several kites were used to work out and establish safe towing procedures and instructing techniques for British Military glider pilots. After trials with standard kites, one was fitted with wooden control rods instead of cables to investigate the ability of radar to detect all-wooden aircraft.
Only 25 were built.


November 1947


Wing span: 14.2m / 26.6ft
Wing area: 14.49sq.m / 156sq.ft
Empty Weight: 138kg / 304lb
Payload: 93kg / 205lb
Gross Weight: 231kg / 509lb
Wing Load: 15.94kg/sq.m / 3.17 lb/sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 13.8
Airfoil: Go 535
Structure: strut-braced wood/ fabric wings, wood/ fabric tail, wood fuselage



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