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Curtiss F2C / R2C

Three 1923 R2C-1 were built (A6691/6692, and A7054). The second became R2C-2, and the first was sold to the Army to become R-8. Is also seen as paper designation F2C.
In the 1923 Pulitzer Curtiss had two new R2C-1s. A pair of larger, but more streamlined, Navy racers. AI Williams won the race in No. A-6692 at 244 mph, closely followed by Harold Brow in No. A-6691 at 242 mph. Brow later took the world speed record away from Maitiand's R-6 with a run at 259 mph, only to be topped immediately by AI Williams with 267 mph.
F2C and F3C were "paper" designations assigned to the R2C and R3C racing aircraft respectively.
R-8 / R2C-1 A6691 was purchased from the USN for $1.00 and rebuilt by the Army as 23-1235. It crashed before the 1924 race.
The sole R2C-2 from 1924, A6692, was the winner of 1924 Pulitzer Trophy for seaplanes and 227.5 mph. The R2C-2, on 22'7" twin floats, was developed into the R3C-1.
Engine: Curtiss D-12, 507 hp
Length: 19 ft 9 in
Wingspan: 22 ft 0 in
Empty weight: 1,692 lb
Gross weight: 2,112 lb
Maximum speed: 267 mph
Range: 173 miles
Service ceiling: 31,800 ft
Rate of climb: 2,380 ft/min
Crew: One pilot




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