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Bartlett Aircraft LC13-A Zephyr 150
Babcock LC-13
Taubman LC-13
Derived from the side-by-side two-seat cabin monoplane Babcock-Vlcek X Airmaster, the LC-13A featured an open cockpit and an enlarged vertical tail. It was powered by a 75 hp Roché L-267 four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine. Originally designed and manufactured by Rover of Lansing, Michigan, the manufacture of the 267 (4.38 l) engine was taken over by Jean A Roché of Dayton, Ohio in 1932. An auxiliary fin on the underside of the stabilizer had to be fitted according the Aircraft Type Certificate 2-389.
Babcock LC-13A racer [NR998W]

Originally marketed as the Babcock LC-13 by its original manufacturer, then the Taubman LC-13 when the Babcock Airplane Corporation was acquired by Taubman Aircraft. Vearne Babcock left the aviation industry in 1945, and sold the rights to produce his LC-13 to Bartlett Aircraft Corp. at Rosemead, California. This aircraft was developed from the Babcock monoplane of the mid-1930s.
The Bartlett Zephyr was a mid-wing braced monoplane of conventional design with side-by-side seating for two and fixed, tailwheel undercarriage.
Babcock LC-13A Taube (Dove) (N998W c/n 601)
NR998W was modified as a racer.

Plans to mass-produce it were halted by the outbreak of World War II after two were built,X/NC998W and NX18165. There was a brief attempt to revive the design at the end of the war, but nothing came of this. Price was $3,995.


The LC-13A Zephyr of 1941 was a streamlined, single-strut version of the Taubman LC-13, still under ATC 2-389.

1944 Bartlett Blue Zephyr at Rosemead, California
Engine: 75hp Michigan Rover
Wing span: 30'10"
Length: 20'5"
Useful load: 815 lb
Max speed: 100 mph
Cruise speed: 90 mph
Stall speed: 40 mph
Range: 300 mi
Seats: 1


Engine: 1 × Franklin 6A4-150-B3, 150 hp (112 kW)
Length: 21 ft 0 in (6.40 m)
Wingspan: 30 ft 9 in (9.38 m)
Maximum speed: 150 mph (240 km/h)
Range: 500 miles (800 km)
Service ceiling: 18,000 ft (5,500 m)
Crew: one pilot
Capacity: 1 passenger
Engine: 130hp Franklin 6AC or 120hp Martin 333
Wingspan: 30'10"
Length: 20'5"
Max speed: 150 mph
Cruise: 135 mphRange: 450 miles
Seats: 2
Wngine: 150hp Franklin 6A4-150-B3
Wingspan: 30'9"
Length: 21'0"
Load: 685 lb
Max speed: 150 mph
Cruise: 135 mph
Stall: 42 ph
Range: 500 miles
Ceiling: 18,000'

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