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Pober Super Ace

A single seat, high wing, sport plane powered by a modified Ford Model A 4 cyl inline engine. A simple and conventional design of open cockpit, strut-braced wing and tailplane, and a fixed, strutted, undercarriage. Later up-dated and marketed as the Pober Super Ace.
The Super Ace is constructed of basic materials, 4130 steel tubing for the fuselage, tail group, landing gear, fittings and wing struts. The wings are spruce spars and the wing ribs of spruce cap strips. The complete aircraft is covered with the PolyFiber covering materials. The wheels are 600x6 with hydraulic toe brakes. The control system is cable operated. The Prototype Super Ace is powered by a Continental C-85-8 engine of 85 hp. It does not have a starter or an electrical system. Power plants of up to 150 hp can be used; however, weight and balance considerations must be given to maintain the same engine and cowling lines and to keep the airplane's proportions. The continental engine swings a Sensenich prop, which give a cruise speed of some 90 mph. The stall characteristics are gentle and straight forward. The coil springs mounted in tubes provide a soft landing and the wide landing gear adds to the ease of ground handling and a reasonable crosswind landing.
One of the many designs to come from the drawing board of EAA’s founding President, Paul H. Poberezny, the Super Ace, is an ideal project for first time builders. It offers the excitement of open cockpit flying and excellent performance. With options for 85 hp to 150 hp, the Super Ace can meet a wide range of desires. The fuselage is a traditional 4130 steel tube frame that’s covered with Stits Poly-fiber. The two-piece wing is made of Sitka spruce spars, ribs formed with 1/2” x 1/2” spruce caps and covering is again Stits Poly-fiber. Wing span is 27’-3 1/2”, length is 18’5” and empty weight is 685 pounds with a useful load factor of 385 pounds. Using a C-85 on the prototype, cruise speed is 90 mph. Info packs on the Pober Super Ace were $8.00, plans were $125.00 in 2009.

Pober Super Ace
Engine: Continental C-85, 80 hp.
HP range: 85-150.
Speed max: 160 mph.
Cruise: 110 mph.
Range: 250 sm.
Stall: 44 mph.
ROC: 500 fpm.
Take-off dist: 350 ft.
Landing dist: 450 ft.
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft.
Fuel cap: 12 USG.
Weight empty: 685 lbs.
Gross: 1030 lbs.
Height: 6.6 ft.
Length: 18.42 ft.
Wing span: 27.3 ft.
Wing area: 118 sq.ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

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