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Celair Celstar GA-1



Designed by South African power aero-batics champion Peter Celliers and first flown in 1989, is a new composite aerobatic glider, the Celair Celstar GA-1, designed to JAR 22 specifications (10 g) for competition flying. The machine is stressed to +10g and -10g, with a best glide angle of 23:1.

It has full span mass balanced ailerons. Airbrakes are used for appoach control. The main wheel is retractable.

Wing span: 11.2m / 36.75ft
Wing area: 11.54sq.m / 124.22sq.ft
Empty Weight: 265kg / 584lb
Payload: 120kg / 265lb
Gross Weight: 385kg / 849lb
Wing Load: 33.36kg/sq.m / 6.83lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 0
Aspect ratio: 10.9
Airfoil: Wortmann FX-71-L-150/25
Structure: glass fiber/ epoxy / aramid
L/DMax: 25
MinSink: 0.89 m/s / 2.9 fps / 1.75 kt
No. of Seats: 1


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