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Cassutt III

National Aeronautics Cassutt IIIM


Cassutt IIIM Racer

The cassutt 111 M Sport Racer was designed as a Formula 1 racing aircraft by Tom Cassutt, an airline pilot, built in 1954, and is mid-wing. The Cassutt is a single place, full cantilever, high performance aircraft. It is fully aerobatic and meets the specifications for competitive racing, “G” loading, safety characteristics and visibility.

The airframe is basically a welded chrome moly steel tube structure, the fin being built integral with the fuselage. Similarly, the full span ailerons, tailplane, rudder and elevators are welded steel tube and fabric covered members. The area of the cockpit is skinned with aluminium alloy sheet or molded fiberglass cowlings from the cockpit forward. A sheet metal spine decking rounds off the sharp apex of the fuselage behind the cockpit.




The wing is one piece of constant chord and incorporates 18 built up ribs spruce, 3 ply laminated main spar, solid leading edge and rear spar and covered with a 45 degree bias ply skin. Truss ribs are built of spruce with skins comprised of four sheets of 3 ply plywood. The ultimate load factor is +-12g. The undercarriage consists of a spring steel one piece main gear bolted to the fuselage with four bolts and a steerable tailwheel. A 9 Imp gallon fuel tank is located behind the firewall. Full span ailerons driven by two push rods within the fuselage.

Stabilizer and elevator are one piece tube assembly. Stabilizer mounts to longeron with four bolts and elevator mounts to stabilizer with three hinges. The length, height and width of the canopy and  cockpit can be altered as desired during construction as required to fit the builder.



As part of a scheme to introduce this kind of air racing in Britain, Airmark Ltd built in 1969 their first Airmark/ Cassutt 111 M. Powered by a 95 hp RollsRoyce/Continental engine it has a maximum level speed of 196 mph (315 km/h).



Powered by the Continental 0-200, 100 H.P. engine, it cruises at 185-200 MPH at approximately 6 gallons per hour.




Cassutt IIIM Drawings




Racing Model
Engine Continental 0-200, 100 hp
Wing span 15 foot
Wing cord 54 inch
Wing area 67.5 sq.ft
Wing loading 12.6 lbs/sq ft.
Fuselage length 16 feet
Overall height 4 feet
Cockpit length  4 ft 6 in
Fuel capacity 15 USgallons
Range 450 miles
Empty weight 500 lbs
Gross Weight 850 lbs
Top speed 200-230 mph plus
Cruising speed 190 mph plus
Stall speed 68 mph
Climb rate 1500 ft/min
Take-off dist: 450 ft.
Landing dist: 650 ft.
Service ceiling: 16,000 ft.
G load limit 8
G load ultimate 12
Seats: 1.
fully aerobatic.  
Landing gear: tail wheel.

National Aeronautics Cassutt IIIM

Engine: Continental O-200, 100 hp
HP range: 100-200 hp
Wing span: 15 ft
Wing area: 66 sq.ft
Length: 16 ft
Empty weight: 550 lb
Gross weight: 950 lb
Fuel capacity: 15 USG
Cruise: 200 mph
Stall: 65 mph
Range: 520 sm
Rate of climb: 2000 fpm
Takeoff dist: 600 ft
Landing dist: 800 ft
Seats: 1
Cockpit width: 22 in
Landing gear: tailwheel

Engine: Continental, 90 h.p.
Span: l4’11”.
Length: 16’ 0”.
Wing Area: 66 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 516 lb.
Max Weight: 730 lb.
Wing Loading: 11 lb/sq.ft.
Max Speed: 190 mph.
Cruise Speed: 150mph.
Stall Speed: 70 mph.
Initial Climb: 2,600 fpm.
Range: 200 miles.

Engine: 1 x Continental C-95, 95 hp.
Wing span: 14 ft 0 in (4.54 m).
Length: 16 ft 0 in (4.88 m).
Height: 4 ft 3 in (1.3 m).
Max TO wt: 830 lb (376 kg).
Max level speed: 207 mph (333 kph).

Sport Model
Engine Continental 0-200, 100  hp
Wing span 17 foot
Wing cord 54 inch
Wing area 76.5 sq.ft
Wing loading 11.1 lbs/sq ft.
Fuselage length 16 feet
Overall height 4 feet
Cockpit length 4 ft 6 in
Fuel capacity 15 USgallons
Range 450 miles
Empty weight 500 lbs
Gross Weight 850 lbs
Stall speed 65 mph
Climb rate 2000 ft/min
G load limit 7
G load ultimate 11
Top speed 200 mph plus
Cruising speed 190 mph plus
fully aerobatic.


Engine: Continental O-200
Wing span: 4.57 m
Wing area: 6.28 sq.m
MAUW: 400 kg
Empty weight: 250 kg
Fuel capacity: 53 lt
Max speed: 440 kph
Cruise speed: 300 kph
Minimum speed: 105 kph
Climb rate: 12.5 m/s
Seats: 1
Plan price (1998): $125
Kit price (1998): $11,850




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