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Caproni A-10 / A-12 / A-14 / A-15 / A-20


In 1969, the Caproni Vizzola began producing a series of gliders baptized Calif, the names of their designers Carlo Ferrarin and Livio Sonzio: A- 10 (one unit), A-12 (two units), A- 14 (one unit). A-15 (one unit), A- 20, A-21 and their derivatives were produced in series from 1972-73.


Seats 1
Wing loading 7.92 lbs/sq ft.
Wing aspect ratio 28.3.
Gross weight 1,574 lbs
Max airspeed 135 kt.
Empty weight 1,067 lbs
Rough-air speed 135 kts.
Useful load 507 lbs
Stall 34 kt.
Lift to drag 51 at 60 kts.
Sink 1.57 fps at 43 kts.
Length 23 ft 10.25 in.
Wingspan 75 ft 0.5 in.

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