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Bulté RB.30
Bulté RB.30 OO-ALX (cor 251)
The RB.30 was a two-seat biplane powered by a de Havilland Gipsy I 85 hp engine.
Nine aircraft were built in 1931, and three more in 1932.
In addition to the Gipsy I engine, the RB.30 also used 65 hp Walter motors, a Cirrus Hermes II (105 hp) and a 40 hp Salmson.

In February 1932, one of the RB.30 (OO-ALX) was converted for the Brussels - Congo flight. The aircraft received a closed cockpit and an additional fuel tank located on the upper wing. Having departed from Brussels on February 3, RB.30 was unable to reach the final destination of the flight, as it crashed in the French Alps. The OO-ALX registration was cancelled on January 26th, 1933.
Engine: Cirrus Hermes II, 105 hp
Wingspan: 9.10 m
Length: 7.20 m
Empty weight: 450 kg
Maximum speed: 155 km / h
Cruising speed135 km / h
Seats: 2

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